Googly Eyed Door Decor


Did you know Halloween goes by multiple names: All Hallows’ Eve, Witches Night, Lamswool Snap-Apple Night, Samhaim and Summer’s End. Witches Night sounds the most frightening to me, good thing I’ll be indoors tonight!

Halloween is such a exciting time of year, not only is it the start of the fall season but its a great excuse to create some DIY decorations for your home.

You’re probably going to have lots of little ghouls and goblins at your door this evening. So why not make your doorway a little more spooky to enhance their Halloween experience.

Here an easy last minute DIY Halloween decoration you can complete before the festivities of tonight begin.

Here are the materials your going to need:

1. Wooden letter. (mine was 13″)

*I chose the letter “B” for my last name*

2. Black paint & paint brush.

3. Googly eyes. (I used two packages)

4. “Spider” webbing.

5. Halloween ribbon.

6. Glue gun.


First, paint your wooden letter with a coat of black paint. I sanded mine a little just to help the paint adhere better.


Once the paint has dried, start gluing on your googly eyes. I places all my larger eyes first and filled in the remaining space with the smaller ones.


Now after all your googly eyes have been placed stretch a small piece of spider webbing across the back of your letter, I secured the webbing with my hot glue gun.

Lastly, I attached the Halloween ribbon on the back of the letter and created a sort of foe bow. This part will be used to hang your letter on the door. I secured the ribbon with my hot glue gun as well.

And now you have your-Googly Eyed Door Decor!


I think this decoration is the perfect mix of cute and spooky.

Happy Witches Night!