Home Sweet Home


Well I haven’t created a post since October, but I have a good excuse! I bought a house!

My S.O and I just marked our first month of living in our very own home. We searched for about three months before we found one that seemed perfect for us. We made an offer and it was excepted. But that was the easy part. After that comes the waiting, lots and lots of waiting. And so much paper work! And about two months from our offer date we were able to finally move in.

But first we had to clean…and clean and scrub and sweep and clean and paint.

We still haven’t completely settled in but we’re getting there day by day. I am excited to start decorating and completing some DIY projects that will make our house a home.

I will be posting projects regularly again, so stay tuned!



Coconut Body Butter

I have been using coconut oil as a beauty product for quite some time now. I typically use it as face moisturizer or mix it with a bit of baking powder to create a facial scrub. This recipe is for a body butter which is a thick moisturizer for the body.

I have incorporated a few more natural ingredients to boost the skin benefit factor. Here are the ingredients you are going to need:

1 1/2 cup-Coconut oil. (needs to be in a solid state)

2 tablespoons-Sunflower seed oil.

2 tablespoons-Aloe vera.

1 tablespoon-Olive oil.

1-Glass container.

Here are some benefits of each ingredient:

Coconut Oil– Coconut oil contains triglycerides, due to the presence of these fats coconut oil retains the moisture in your skin.

Sunflower seed oil– Sunflower seed oil is rich in Vitamin E which acts as a antioxidant in the body and helps to regenerate cells. This oil will help to better protect your skin from sun damage and the natural skin aging process.

Aloe Vera-Aloe vera is used to treat various skin ailments such as sun burns. Aloe vera is also used for wound treatment and lessens the visibility of scars such as stretch marks.

Olive Oil– Like sunflower seed oil, olive oil contains a high level of Vitamin E which can help with premature aging.


First combined all ingredients into a large bowl. Again make sure your coconut oil is in a solid state this is necessary to achieve the whipped consistency.

Now with a hand mixer blend ingredients together until mixture has a frosting like consistency, about five minutes.


Now scoop the mixture into a glass container. Coconut oil has a melting temperature of 76 degrees, therefore in the summer months you’re going to want to keep your body butter refrigerated.


Just smear this stuff all over once you jump out of the shower and your skin will feel like a baby’s bottom all day!



Renegade Craft Fair


This past week I was able to visit the Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair at Grand Park in downtown LA. Even though I live twenty minutes away in Long Beach I hardly make it down to this area of Los Angeles. And visiting this past weekend has reminded me of how much I love it. Downtown LA has a much different vibe on the weekends compared to during the week. In fact there is very little traffic and with up and coming restaurants like Poppy + Rose on Wall St. its a great way to spend your Sunday.


The Renegade Craft Fair is hosted twice a year here in Los Angeles, once during the month of July and again in early December to help you prep for christmas time. And if you are looking for a unique and one of a kind gift this is definitely the place to go.


This event features dozens of vendors who offer an array of handmade or vintage items. Some vendors are local while other travel across the US selling at each Renegade Fair like Lost Vintage Girls. The entrance to the fair is free and features some of LA’s best food trucks. Shopping and good food, what’s better than that!?


This year handmade jewelry and ceramics seemed to dominate the scene.


But by no means was there a lack of diversity in the beautifully crafted items offered. Honestly I have gone these past few years just to get inspired and to admire all the creative displays.


My only complaint is that some of the items can get pretty expensive the average price it probably around fifty dollars for any particular item, but you do have to keep in mind that they are all hand crafted which takes time and dedication by all the vendors. Therefore you’re paying for the quality and for the fact that you’re purchasing one of a kind pieces.


The next Los Angeles fair is scheduled for December 12th and 13th, the exact location has yet to be announced but I will definitely be there.