Engagement Gift Basket

A few weeks ago my beautiful best friend got engaged at Callaway vineyard and winery in Temecula California. Her fiance made the sweet and smart decision to hire a photographer who was able to capture the special moment.


I wanted to get them a little something to celebrate the occasion and came across the idea of an engagement gift basket.  I thought it was the perfect way to gift them a few practical yet fun items and creating the basket gave me an excuse to D.I.Y.

Here is the finished product:



And here is a closer look at some of the harder to see items:



– Wedding planner.

-Wedding day scrapbook.

-Bottle of champagne & two glasses.

-Wedding themed stickers.

-Wooden letter “G” (for his last name).

-Mexican wedding cookies.

-Handmade coffe cups.

-Handmade date idea jar.

-A “diamond ring” wine cork.

-Ring holder.

Several of the items I found on Amazon and the rest were from various department stores like Target and Michael’s. The handmade coffee cups were a little tricky since I don’t have the best hand writing, but I think they turned out great and I will post a how-to soon.

I am insanely happy for my friend and can’t wait to start working on some D.I.Y wedding crafts!



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