Wine Bottle Vases

Upcycling is the idea of taking items that are old or used and transforming them into fresh functioning pieces, usually changing their original use.

This is not only a money saver but also helps our environment by eliminating waste.

And one waste item that me and my friends usually have are wine bottles! So I’ve decided to turn them into fun contemporary vases.

Here are the materials your going to need:

1. Three wine bottles. (labels removed and cleaned)

2. Multi -Surface paint. (I used Martha Stewarts brand in a satin finish)

3. Painters tape.

4. Paint brushes.


Before you start painting your wine bottles wipe them down with alcohol, this will clean the surface and help the paint adhere.

Next paint the surface of your wine bottles, I chose to paint them white. I painted each bottle with three coats of paint. Make sure you wait at least 20 minutes in between each coat. This will help the paint disperse evenly.


Let your bottles dry for one hour before placing the painters tape. (I was inpatient and it cause the tape to peel away some of the paint)

Next apply your painters tape around the circumference of the bottle so you can paint the bottom sections a different color. You can choose to make each vase identical or paint the bottom sections different proportions, like I’m doing.


Now paint the bottom sections of your vases, I chose to paint them each a different color.


I only had to paint each vase with two coats of color. Once complete let the paint completely dry before removing the painters tape.


And now place a few long stemmed flowers into your vases and admire your handy work. You’re welcome earth!


You can also use them as jewelry stands for your bracelets.


There are a million ways to decorate these vases so use your imagination and continue to upcycle!



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